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At ai engineering we pride ourselves on taking a professional and systematic approach to the product design process. Typically that process will begin by researching and understanding the clients intention and will include among other things:

  • Extensive discussions with the client and staff to understand the aim of the project
  • Research of the market to gain an insight into existing and competitors products, materials and technologies being utilized in the industry, design trends, end user product interactions and commercial considerations such as cost, price, and marketing strategies.
  • Development of a mutually agreed Product Specification

Having gained knowledge of the industry, we will use a well developed raft of systematic innovation tools – preferably during workshops or sessions together with key staff from the clients organization – to develop original ideas and concepts which could lead us to introducing innovation into the new product design. Some of these ideas may be easily incorporated into the design while others may require further R&D, which ai engineering is well poised to carry out or manage.

At the next stage of the process industrial designs, technical specifications and innovative ideas are all brought together, and various basic product outlines are presented to the client for perusal. Once a design direction has been chosen from the options presented the work of detailed product design and development is begun. At all stages of the project the client is kept up to date using a variety of mediums – see CAD.

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