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With over 20 years of manufacturing and marketing experience internationally, and across a range of industries, we are well placed to offer advice service in the intellectual property field. Whilst not being patent attorneys we can help our clients with:

  • extensive patent searches, and assessments, evaluation, and understanding of prior art.
  • development of an IP strategy which will be cost effective and still protect the clients investment and business future.
  • “designing around” problematic prior art.
  • drafting of patent disclosures which can be used for provisional patent applications prior to filing of detailed claims.
  • establishing contacts with a network of qualified patent attorneys across the world whose services can be procured at competitive rates avoiding the handling fees of local offices.

The following are just some of the successful patent applications I have been involved in over the years. In almost all cases, as the inventor listed in the patent, I have been closely involved in all stages of patent litigation and or appeals until a positive outcome, i.e. granting of a commercially significant patent, was achieved. 

PAT. NO.  Title
7,290,346 Extension set for spirit levels
7,191,534 Handheld layout and marking tool
7,168,380  Boat lift systems
7,117,608 Spirit level
7,047,654 Retainer clips for securing a cylindrical level vial
6,748,666 Spirit level
D477,786 Tool for applying a chalk line
D477,785 Tool for applying a chalk line
D474,123  Four channeled straight edge
6,553,677  Combination square
6,463,666  Measuring and leveling device and method of using same
6,449,859 Spirit level
6,418,634 Spirit level with hand grips
D451,831  Carpenter square
D451,040 Ruler with sliding bubble vials
6,209,211  Spirit level with multiple bubble vials
6,029,359 Post, pipe, and sign level
2008243272 Apparatus for Switching Between Mains Water and Stored Water Supplies

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